Every new day yields a new opportunity to defeat doubt and live free in Truth!

Good morning beautiful! What was the first thing on your mind when you woke this morning? For me, I thought “it’s a beautiful new day, with new mercies not only for myself but everyone.” Then I smiled at the prospect of new opportunity. I began to read the daily scripture suggested by YouVersion but decided to read the entire chapter. The story of Lazarus.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with doubt. Something I’ve come to understand is prevalent for humans fighting hard against the world and the enemy to run our race well. Sometimes when I read the stories of Jesus or other stories in the Bible, I find myself drifting into doubt. Questions will pop into my thoughts seemingly out of nowhere, even when I’m in full surrender, receiving every word as truth. It boggles my mind, and then I begin to feel guilty and shameful for questioning, and that’s when I stop myself and pray, immediately, for God to deliver me.

This morning I plead with God to deliver me from the struggle, according to His will. Accepting that if He did not answer my prayer, He would give me the strength to bear it well. I immediately felt His Spirit and heard Him say within mine, “you have already won because I have already won. Just take that and own it! Every time the enemy whispers a lie, you know that it’s a weapon formed against you, but your weapon against the enemy is I who lives in you. The enemy has no power over you because he has no power over Me.”

Then I became cognizant of the fact that if my doubt was real, I would not have a burning sensation to stop in my doubting tracks to plead with God. How can one have a burning desire to plead with someone who doesn’t exist? You see, the enemy has tricks, but I have TRUTH!

I’m sharing this with you today because this experience is my reality. It is a truth. As the ministry and mission God has given me grows, so too grows a pressure to hold myself in a posture of perfection, if I am to be taken seriously and looked upon as a source of inspiration. But seriously, how is it possible for me to inspire anyone if I lie to myself about perfection? Doing so would be a lie. Doing so would be plunging into the trap set by the enemy to hold me captive and stop me from continuing down the path God has plowed before me. I am not and will never be perfect, and I will make mistakes in many ways. The moment I reject this truth is the moment the enemy has taken over. So instead of feeling guilty for doubtful thoughts I had this morning, I say, thank you for the doubt which has proved itself wrong, and made me stronger. This is the “opportunity” that I woke to be grateful for this morning.

How about you?