Coffee Talk Topic: Being The Change

This episode’s coffee talk topic inspires being the change we wish to see in our lives and our children’s lives as adults. How we live as parents and people will encourage the change we wish to see in their lives and the world.

Host Brandee Nielsen says that “we often hear and use the phrase ‘be the change you wish to see in this world,’ and I think rather loosely. I believe if we truly want our children’s lives and our own lives to be better, we have to be willing, and we have to exemplify the specific change through our actions and our character. How we can achieve this is not only by taking on the mind of Christ, but being like Him. Being the change we wish to see is achieved by being like Christ.”

We’ll absorb today’s topic through two powerful interviews with two changemakers who share perspective altering views from their own life experiences.

Featured Guests: Missy Robertson and Pastor Kimberly Howey

First up is the uber-charming Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty, who shares about her latest project co-created with her daughter Mia, a book series for preteen girls called Princess in Camo – which illustrates how teens can manage real-life struggles with unconditional love and kindness and addresses faith, family, social and physical diversity. Missy also shares many nuggets of wisdom for being the change we wish to see in our children through her parenting experiences.

Then we’ll hear a riveting, highly inspirational testimony from Pastor Kimberly Howey, who went from being an abandoned, orphaned child in Korea to an Heir as the daughter of the King. Kimberly inspires others through her experiences in overcoming the mentality of being a victim, a captive, and a slave. Many women, not only those who were orphaned or sexually abused, live their lives with this faulty mentality. Kimberly’s radical transformation and redemption through Christ is more proof of the change we wish to see and be.


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