Hello beautiful daughter of God!

Proverbs [31:25] requires a pause on “she laughs without fear of the future.” Do you? Are you truly unafraid of the future insomuch as laughing at it?

Keeping it real, most of us are not often able to laugh at the future, especially when our circumstances in life are bleak. It’s hard to imagine anyone waking up after having lost a job and laughing at the future. It’s nearly impossible to think of waking up after having lost a loved one, and laughing at the future. It’s unimaginable to wake up hungry without means to get through the day, and laugh at the future. You get me point.

I believe this scripture encourages us to clothe ourselves with the strength and dignity offered by our Heavenly Father, and through Him, by leaning on Him, surrendering everything to Him, we will be able to either laugh, or at least give a smile when our days are bleak, knowing that our future is in and with Christ.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Let’s coffee talk!