Hi, I’m Brandee Nielsen-Smith, the founder, and host of the Christian Coffee Talk for Women Radio Show and Christian Coffee Talk for Women Online Community.

I’ve launched a 2017 campaign to help put an end to Human Trafficking by hosting expert guests to give you relevant, actionable information on how you too can make a difference.

The reason I am passionate about this fight is that I was kidnapped when I was 15 years old, for the purpose of an adult male’s sexual gratification. Though I escaped him, I ran into two separate men the same evening while trying to find my way home, who also tried to take advantage of me. One failed, the other succeeded to a minimal degree, but I made it home alive, shielded by God to tell my story.

Each month on the Christian Coffee Talk for Women Radio Show you’ll hear from decorated experts in the fight against Human Trafficking with boots on the ground experience, about opportunities that you can take to help make a difference.

OJNR has come alongside me and launched and umbrella campaign called #StopTheSilence to leverage the station’s National and International reach in sharing this campaign far and wide.

The #CCTFWSHT2017 campaign launched in February with first guest, Joel Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY about his movie Priceless The Movie and continued in March with decorated advocate, Dotti Groover-Skipper of the HeartDance Foundation, Inc. Look forward to future interviews with organizations and experts including Yvonne Williams co-founder and board member of Trafficking in America Task Force and president of Network for Cultural Change, Jerome Elam Corporal Alan Wilkett, Bridging Freedom, Former CIA Paramilitary Bazzel Baz of The Association for the Recovery of Children and more.

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