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How do you want to Make America Great?

Good morning beautiful! Today is brimming with new opportunities and new mercies that we must seize in order to grow forward. America has just been rocked by the election season, and many Americans are nervous, angry and scared, while others are relieved and hopeful. I’m calling for Christians to put on the mind of Christ

Overcoming Election Season Angst

Sep 27, 20162016 Presidential Election, Christianity, Voting, Wisdom0 Comments

My heart is burdened to share thoughts concerning how I react during the current US election season after having read much about the first 2016 presidential debate. I understand that many are worried and that tensions are heightened with fear over candidates they don’t agree should become the next POTUS. I am one of the

I Need A Woman In Office Who…

Aug 12, 2015Voting0 Comments

As the 2016 Presidential race begins in the United States—with the potential of a woman winning that role—I’m pondering my stance in ways I have never pondered before.  Until last year, when God brought me to a new understanding about life through freeing my mind, body and soul from the torture of guilt, and, for