Category: Gratitude

Release the Pressure!

May 19, 2016Christianity, Gratitude0 Comments

I experienced an encouraging pause with God over coffee this morning, after throwing in the towel over trying to be a perfect Christian at every turn in the day. He impressed upon me that as believers and followers of Christ, we are not exempt from human imperfection and failure. Adding that we can often pressure

I am NOT, I will NOT

Jan 26, 2016Gratitude, Purpose, Resolution0 Comments

Happy New Year! It’s 2016 and I am fired up about living on God’s purpose for my life! I am convicted with His purpose to be what I am called to be! I am content with my reality that I am a surrendered human being, a woman receiving undeserved grace! I am in Him, more

Grace and Gratitude

Nov 25, 2015Gratitude1 Comments

When I recognize the state of gratitude that envelopes my heart, I immediately embrace the Grace of God! I would never know true gratitude if it were not for God’s grace. As a surrendered life to Christ, my intentions on earth are good. However, I live a human life, wretched and sinful by the simplest measures