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Shout Your Abortion?

Jul 28, 2016Abortion2 Comments

As a Christian and a human being, I’m beside myself and heartbroken over the #shoutyourabortion campaign included in the #DNC2016. I cannot fathom how one can stand in front of thousands of people to foster cheering and boasting about the fact that they terminated a pregnancy; and, that the thousands in attendance stood and applauded the

Love In the Face of Pain

Jul 18, 2015Abortion, Death, Motives, Pain0 Comments

As I write I reflect on the events in America during the months of June and July 2015, and I see so much hurt, so much loss, so much pain, hate and fear across the land. From the murder of 9 of God’s black children during a bible study by one, misguided young white man—whom

Why Don’t They Call it Feticide? An Abortion Synonym.

Nov 03, 2014Abortion0 Comments

Since my last blog I’d been digging deep for the next topic. Remembering why I blog (to  share real life struggles and victories that will instill a sense of Power, Hope and Purpose in everyday life), I was convicted. But I was surprised if not startled, when I felt pulled to write about this particular