Brandee Nielsen’s Autobiography, Unforgotten, published by WestBow Press

Unforgotten Book Cover

Unforgotten is a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness, revealing purpose and recovery from generational addiction.

The author tells her story in riveting truth about functioning through life ridden with dysfunctional relationships, tormented by the affects of addiction and other emotional challenges.

Threading each chapter is the impression of the unfailing love of God mending the broken roads she traveled. Along the way she experiences miracle encounters and many blessings against the odds. However, she is driven by fear of rejection and determination to break the chains of family addiction, and faces life-threatening hurdles, including being kidnapped for the purpose of sexual gratification. She miraculously escapes these threats while attempting to secure a normal, balanced life, but is fooled in crossroads decision, and finds herself trapped in the grip of addiction, widening the gap between herself and salvation.

In the end, Unforgotten shares the good news that through accepting Jesus Christ, power, hope and purpose is found. Freedom from addiction and salvation is real, attainable and true.