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Q&A interview by host, Brandee Nielsen-Smith,

with special featured guest,

Author, Actor, and Director – Shari Rigby

Sept 6, 2017

“Hello Beautiful! Thanks for tuning in to Christian Coffee Talk for Women.

I’m Brandee Nielsen-Smith, and I’m so excited for the blessings and new mercies

that God has for you today!”

Today’s Coffee Talk topic covers a new film called EXTRAORDINARY,

created and produced by Liberty University’s film program, and features Leland Klassen

(Alter Egos), Shari Rigby (October Baby), Karen Abercrombie (War Room),

and Kirk Cameron (Fireproof).

We are privileged to have Shari Rigby join us in this interview

to share about the film EXTRODINARY, and more.”

HOST:        “Hi, Shari! Thanks for joining us on Christian Coffee Talk for Women. I’m excited to have the opportunity to interview you in this written Q&A session for CCTFW. Due to equipment upgrading, we weren’t able to record an interview for the audio podcast, and I just want you to know how grateful I am that you said yes to this written interview process, so that others won’t miss out on the massive blessing I know they’ll receive from you today.”

SHARI:       “Thank you. I’m honored to have the opportunity to share some of my thoughts about the movie Extraordinary with Christian Coffee Talk for Women.”

HOST:        “We’re truly honored to have you Shari. I’d like to open by sharing a bit of your background with our online group members, readers and listeners.”

“Shari Rigby got her start in acting as a lead in the Dove award winning music video, “Slow Fade,” by Casting Crowns. She also appeared in The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. Her feature films include Not Today which received seven awards including an IFFF Spirit Award and Best Justice Film, October Baby named one of the “Top 15 Impressive Box Office Performances of 2012” by CNN.

Shari co-wrote her biography, Beautifully Flawed, with Claire Yorita Lee, which was published in Feb. 2015. Recently, Shari has completed a new 7-day devotional titled, Pursue The Passion, for the re-release of The Passion Of The Christ.

 Shari’s directing debut was for her book trailer for Beautifully Flawed, which she co-wrote and produced.  This short film launched Shari into writing and directing several pieces such as, Birdie’s Song, a short film nominated for 8 awards at the 168 Film Festival.  Lassies for the Salvation Army, The Church That Never Sleeps for the Dream Center, and Pursue The Passion short video for FOX/ICON just to name a few.

Shari is currently the Executive Producer, Writer, and Director for the Dream Center television show currently airing on Daystar and has recently become the Director of Broadcast Media for the Dream Center.

Shari continues writing on her book series, 3M’s – Mother, Mother-in-Law and Me and Ladies Don’t Smoke, all part of the Beautifully Flawed brand. Shari’s passion is about tell stories that move, inspire and move people into action.

Shari is the founder of “The Women In My World,” a women’s group focusing on identity, purpose, ministry, serving others and living life in Hollywood. Shari speaks on these topics and has spoken to over 70,000 people and counting.  Shari’s passion is serving others by creating and sharing powerful stories of individuals overcoming the odds.”

“Shari is here with us today to talk about EXTRAORDINARY, based on a true marriage journey, which tells the amazing story of ultra-marathon runner and college professor David Horton, his wife, Nancy, and their attempt to finish their marriage race well. Although proud of his incredible athletic accomplishments and the impact he has on his students, David’s family continuously pays a high price for his years of competitive running. Following his open-heart surgery and irreparable damage to his knees, Nancy is ready for Dave to hang up his racing shoes for good and focus his boundless energy on their family. Instead, feeling called by God to “inspire people one last time,” Dave sets off for a 2,900-mile race across America.

In select theaters across the U.S. as a one-night Fathom Event on Thursday, September 7, EXTRAORDINARY was created and produced by Liberty University’s film program. The movie features Leland Klassen (Alter Egos), Shari Rigby (October Baby), Karen Abercrombie (War Room), and Kirk Cameron (Fireproof).”

“Shari, your accomplishments depict an incredible journey in your life thus far. Being honest, I have to say that you truly captured my heart when I read about your women’s group and purpose for your ministry, as well as your passion. You’re a sister after my own heart, whom we welcome with open arms here at Christian Coffee Talk for Women, where we set out to encourage the Power, Hope and Purpose of Christ in everyday life, and, foster Revelation 12:11 among women for the same reason. So without further ado, please share with us about the movie EXTRODINARY, why you chose to be a part of it, and what you hope it will do for others.”

SHARI:       “EXTRAORDINARY is based and inspired on Dr. David Horton, a professor that is also an ultra marathon runner. He is and has been a professor for over 30 years at Liberty University. Along with being one of the most inspiring ultra marathon runners in the world, he is just an incredible athlete and an inspiration to so many. But the story really revolves around him and his wife, and how they’re working together. Extraordinary is a journey for David and Nancy, and what it looks like for them to go through their marriage, and then continuously walk out the purpose in their life. It’s really just a sweet movie about marriage; about persevering through tough times and being reminded of that.”

“I think extraordinary is for everyone. It has a powerful message that speaks to so many people. I do believe that the core audience is for couples that are working through some of the different seasons in their marriage. It shows what it’s like not only to serve God with your whole heart, and walk in his calling and purpose in your life, but what it looks like to also serve your marriage; to serve your husband or your wife and to do that well. I think that’s something that’s really going to speak to a lot of people sitting in the movie theater watching it.”

“I also believe that it’s going to encourage people to get out and there and actually run their race. Whether it’s physically or spiritually, I believe the movie will encourage them to get out there and put their best foot forward and really run the best race that they can to glorify God’s Kingdom. That’s really the heart I believe of this film. So whether you’re married or single or younger or older, I think it’s very inspirational in a way that it will encourage you to get out there and serve well; to run your race well, and to be reminded that marriage is a calling on our life. So I think EXTRAORDINARY has something to offer everyone.”

HOST:        “Shari, why did you choose to be a part of this movie? Is there something you can relate to your testimony and relationship with Christ? How do you relate to the character you played, Dr. David Horton’s wife, Nancy?”

SHARI:       “I chose to be a part of extraordinary first and foremost just because I loved the script. I loved that there was a lot of transparency to Nancy Horton’s character, and that was something that really drew me in. She was really up-front, Nancy Horton, to say “I don’t want a movie about our lives to be sugar coated. I want people to know that marriage is hard and we’ve come through a lot of struggles.” And so when I was reading the script that’s something that inspired me to say that I want to take on a character who is really struggling with the situation, and how she is going to go on this journey first and foremost with God, but also alone and with her children and her friends. How she can get through it to come out on the other side. I thought that was something unique.”

“I think a lot of times a lot of the films that we see in the family and faith space don’t portray those hard situations, or those things that we need to deal with that are true to life and death. So that was something that really inspired me about being a part of this project, and I truly loved the film script overall. I love the story and the message about marriage and persevering, and also just to run the race of your purpose in life.”

“As far as my own testimony with Christ, I think I can share that as far as this particular film. I always love walking away from projects or being in the midst of them and really learning about something that has influenced my life, or the way that the Lord is speaking to me in the project. There were a few things that happened to me right as I arrived in Lynchburg. The Lord had just called me back to the Gospels to dive in and read. What I saw in the Gospels is about how Jesus so loves his women, and really desires to meet them in the places that they need to be met. Whether it’s sitting with them or seeing them and speaking to them or ministering to them. God was just really about showing me who He is and that He is the ultimate romance of our life, and that was a very special time for me, to be in the Gospels and to see that as I was working on this film. And then even to come back home and over this last year to stay in the Gospels, and study about that loving beauty that the Lord has for his women. And so I was really able to identify with that and to experience how the Lord calls me in the midst, and ask him to come and meet me in the way that I need to be met. So that was really cool.”

“I think the other part I would share with you is that I was reminded that I’ve been married for 20 years. I was reminded to be transparent, and be able go to my husband and share with him when there are things that are going on in my life that I’m upset with and frustrated with. About me laying that out there because he can’t read my mind. So often I think as women we believe that we want our husbands to be able to read our minds or to do things that we believe that they should. The reality is a lot of times they don’t even know what’s going on, or they don’t know what our expectations are. So it was just really about being reminded of that, and to do it in a loving, kind way. To be able to sit down and to approach those subjects that we sometimes remove from our marriage conversation, and just stay waiting and having expectations. I think that that was a huge blessing for me being a part of this project.”

HOST:        “Shari, what do you hope the movie will do for others?”

SHARI:       “I would add that as husbands and wives we’re to encourage one another in our walks, in our purpose. Each of us has a part in our lives. How do we encourage the other to walk that out, to persevere, to walk in the purpose that God has given us, and then how do we do that well? Also in our marriage, is to be an example to others around us. Everybody’s watching. The world is watching. So how do we also continue to be transparent, authentic, and fully engaged and living for Christ in our marriages so that others will be inspired and influenced by our walk and how we do married life together.”

“My hope for EXTRAORDINARY is, first of all, that people will fill the movie theaters and that they’ll be really excited to see this film. It’s a great movie. You laugh, you cry, and you have moments of reviewing and thinking about marriage, and thinking about your purpose and how you are serving God. You think about how you are serving in your marriage and how you can do things better. So that’s my hope. I hope that people come and sit in the movie theater and watch the movie, and go on this journey as they’re seeing Dave Horton run across America taking his journey. I hope that they ask themselves some hard questions about serving God the way they should be. Are they serving God in their marriage life, and are they encouraging one another. I think people are going to really enjoy this film, and I’m excited that we get to share a movie on this incredible topic of marriage and running the race well.”

“I think about Acts 20:24 where it talks about running the course to the best of their ability. And I think we also need that scripture in our lives, to apply it not only to life in general, but also to our marriage. To how we are finishing the course in the ministry because our marriage is exactly that. Are we doing well and are we focused on one another, and sharing that message in marriage as the ministry with others around us. So my hope is that people really enjoy it, and they get to go on a journey, and they walk away feeling extraordinary. That they walk away feeling inspired and encouraged and that they get out there and just run the race.”

HOST:        “Shari can you tell us how, where and when we can see the movie and learn more about it.”

SHARI:       “The last thing I would say would be to make sure that you get out there and see this movie on September 7th for this one-night screening. By you being in that movie theater, that is your vote for movies like this, for EXTRAORDINARY, and for more of them to be made and roll over into an opportunity to play in more theaters around the United States, and hopefully, Internationally. You can Google EXTRAORDINARY the movie to find a theater showing it near you. So please get out there and support this film on September 7th. Bring a group! I think that you’re going to really enjoy this film!”

HOST:        “Shari I can’t express what an honor it’s been to interview you on such an important, relevant topic not only for wives but women, men and families in general. I’m personally looking forward to the movie, and I encourage everyone reading to make it a priority on Sept 7th to see this film. Perhaps you can make it a group event and bring your friends or family, as it is sure to be a memorable, valuable experience, but don’t; let that stop you if you’re alone. Go anyway. I have a feeling that you won’t feel alone if you do.”

“If you’d like to connect with Shari Rigby, you’ll find her at www.sharirigby.com www.twitter.com/sharirigby and www.facebook.com/sharirigby

“Alright coffee talkers, I want to thank you for reading our interview, and going out to see EXTRAORDINARY! Let us know your experience in comment! Please allow me the honor of closing in prayer…

Dear Father God, thank you for your mercy and grace of which we cannot earn. Thank you for Shari Rigby, Dr. David Horton and his wife Nancy, and the film program at Liberty University for bringing the marriage journey of David and Nancy Horton to film to encourage all of us to live out marriage according to your will and plan for our lives as husbands and wives, and to encourage others to run their marriage race well. Father we know that you are in control, and that you have a plan for every life. I thank you for blessing every single one of our readers, group members and listeners, as they set out to live in the world as an example of Christ in every encounter, both inside and outside of their home today. And father, for those who are hurting and struggling, right now in this moment, I pray that you will intervene to heal every pain, and strengthen every weakness, to exalt their lives, and bring You glory father, in Jesus name, Amen!”

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